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Josh Duhamel likes PUMA

Dad-to-be Josh Duhamel (in PUMA apparel and shoes) takes a break from baby planning to sneak in a quick workout.

Photo Cred: Todd Seligman/Getty Images

Social Media Explained – Avalaunch Media

If you’ve ever had a conversation about what social network is used by who and for what, this illustration by Avalaunch Media should bring to light some of the differences. Ohhhhhhh, we’re just never going to be sick of cats on the Internet, are we?

Capsule – fashion and lifestyle trade event, 12 times a year!

Capsule is the fashion and lifestyle trade event that fuses the best high-end, progressive brands and directional, independent designers. Presenting a highly-edited assemblage of collections from around the world, Capsule reflects the look of the current consumer and presents a fresh approach to the fashion tradeshow.

From high to low, bold to subtle, impulsive to thoughtful, the beauty of Capsule is in the mix. Constant across all Capsule participants is a premium level of ideas, overall aesthetic, styling, fit, design and brand messaging. Only the world’s most innovative and sought-after brands are invited to participate.

Capsule takes place 12 times a year in New York, Paris, Berlin and Las Vegas.
Capsule was created in 2007 by NY-based fashion consultancy BPMW.

The Reemerging Local Butcher

If you eat meat, you should try and find a local butcher to buy it from. There are so many reasons for this, mainly to support your local mom and pop store, but apart from that there are several more. For one, these butchers can tell you where the meat came from, they were the ones themselves to do the butchering and they’re always glad to help you decide what’s best and how to cook it. Check out this cool little video on local butchers and why they’re coming back to a neighborhood near you!